martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Marketing Workshop VGGP

(en) Algunas ideas y conceptos de los ex-profesores del MIT Entrepreneurship Center en el seminario de marketing del programa @valencianglobal

  • Marketing is science not art 
  • What’s your goal? Personal, Financial or TimeFrame? rich vs. king 
  • Single Necessary Condition for a business?
    • A paying customer 
  • Technology is not a business. We have to give/offer/sale solutions (services). 
  • Technology is overrated when it comes to business. 
  • Marketing is not an spectator sport: get in your customer shoes 
  • Technology adoption curve has a “chasm” before: innovators and enthusiasts (ROI, what’s ROI?), then early adopters/visionaires (cool, yeah)… the chasm … and after: early majority/pragmatists (ROI validation) and late majority/conservatives (together they’re the mainstream market) and finally laggards/skeptics. 
  • To succesfully cross the chasm you have to jump beachhead segments. 
  • Viking Strategy: Market Exploration / Viking Market Execution Strategy (burn the boat) 
  • Focus is important, because we have not resources and time to do everything: one thing well done. You have to say no. 
  • ARE YOU …? technology push or market pull ? 
  • Offer oriented solutions means you can’t be too generic on your target market 
  • 4P must address the 3C (Customer, Company, Competition) 
  • Discover your “persona” 
  • Outbound marketing getting outplaced by INBOUND marketing 
  • For INBOPUND hire the right people: DARC people 
    • Digital citizens
    • Analytical capabilities
    • web Reach
    • Content creators 
  • We spend too much time on tech, and not so much in pricing and business model.
    • Think about your Jury “ability to spend” (capital expenses, CapEx) 
  • How you will compete?
    • Low Price? Product Innovation? Customer Intimacy?
    • You can’t compete on 3 axis (at least with limited resources) 
  • Who are you gonna sell to? Companies don’t buy products. People do. 
  • High PAIN or PAYOFF for getting it WRONG or RIGHT. 
  • Targeting profiles: inverted pyramid or the Holy Grail of specifity. 
  • Target Customer Profile (in a Target Addressable Market, TAM). Find your Persona. Define your value proposition. Get a Tag line :)
  • Remember: The DECISION MAKING UNIT (DMU) is (could/should be): 
    • Buyer, Champion, Influencers, Veto Power, End User, Compliance Officer
    • They also have a DMP (Decision Making Process) 
  • Don’t start with the product. Start with the market (persona). The champion gets the economic buyer and maybe the end user. 
  • Commodity means lowest price. 
  • Define your: Jury, Value Proposition (USP) and Market Niche 
  • Remeber to work on the CoCA (Cost of Customer Acquisition) and LTV (Life Time Value). 
  • Create new market spaces … Blue Ocean Strategy 
and remember
  • You are never over as an entrepreneur, there's new stuff to learn everyday…

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