domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Start something small

Aunque yo sigo pensando que se debe pensar en grande …  o al menos tener en cuenta la posibilidad de crecer, aunque sea con pequeños pasos, recorrer un larga distancia empieza con un pequeño paso.
De hecho uno de los comentarios implica algo así:
"…As soon as you think about taking over the world (my description for going big too soon), you lose track of the small steps it takes to become a major player in an industry. There's a reason people say that it takes 10 years to look like an overnight success…"

Start something small

Photo credit: Toby Bradbury

"… What I’m starting to notice more and more, is that great things almost always start small. Most of us know that Branson started the Virgin brand with a student magazine, but Virgin is just one of many examples which shows that the reality is counterintuitive: actually, the best things we know and love started as tiny things…
…in order to succeed, we probably should think and execute on a smaller levelIf we do this, we’re more likely to succeed. I wrote about this previously, in the context of not trying to change the world right away. I was pleasantly surprised when Paul Graham wrote a comment in the discussion on my recent article which suggested similar:
Don’t even try to build startups. That’s premature optimization. Just build things that seem interesting. The average undergraduate hacker is more likely to discover good startup ideas that way than by making a conscious effort to work on projects that are supposed to be startups. …"

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