jueves, 8 de mayo de 2008

15 tipografías web

Vía I Love Typography, 15 tipografías web. En el enlace pantallazo de todos los diseños:

Designing the News
High contrast between header and main content area, lots of white space and well organised.

Nice logotype, clear text and a very nice colour palette. You can read more about the design process here.

Gorgeous logo (who can name the typeface?), and lots of subtle details.

Seed Conference
No Flash, no images, no fuss; just well-styled text and well-written copy; and proof that type alone can make one hell of a statement. I’d love to see more on-screen type treatments like this one.

Design View
Andy Rutledge is a designer who practices what he preaches. I particularly like how the text size is related to the article’s age, with the most recent excerpt set in the largest size.

WordPress.org & WP 2.5.x Admin
Although the WordPress blogging platform is not a web site, it is something that thousands, if not millions, of us see on our screens every day. If only more applications—on- and off-line—were built and designed like this.

I’ve been reluctant to include this site before owing to it’s use of Flash. However, it does showcase beautifully some great typefaces (and some of my favourites, I might add).

The Deck
Another site that simply relies on text for everything. A great example of hierarchy and layout. Who said a picture paints a thousand words? Type paints more.

Hell Yeah Dude
A busy site, but one that clings to a good grid.

Information Architects
Not afraid of white space and a limited colour palette.

Naz Hamid
Beautifully done. A design that really lets in the light.

Jon Tan
Typographically rich, elegant and uncluttered; and the logo…it’s not an image!

Under Consideration
Lots of information without feeling cluttered, and complimented by a carefully chosen colour palette.

Elliot Jay Stocks
This web site has been featured just about everywhere. It’s here because it uses type well too.

The Things we Make
Colourful, organised and big type.

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