domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

Tips for Personal and Professional Efficiency

6 tips Glassdoor blog - A CEO's 7 Proven Tips for Personal and Professional Efficiency

Here are a few things that have significantly helped me as a person: 
  1. I started sleeping at least seven hours every night. By far, one of the most effective things I do for personal efficiency is to sleep well.
  2. I started waking up by 4 a.m. Research shows that the morning is the most productive time for most people, especially if they are able to utilize the first two hours of waking up.
  3. I began to stay off of social media during work hours. I’ve enjoyed significant boosts in efficiency and productivity whenever I stay away from social media during work hours, to the extent that I installed an app (StayFocusd) on my computer to block social media sites during work hours.
Here are some of the things I’ve found to be particularly helpful for me as a CEO:
  1. I started working on my delegation skills. As soon as I realized that my task wasn’t to do things, but simply to make sure things were done, everything changed; I simply started focusing more on connecting with my team, knowing the true state of their welfare and getting them to work. 
  2. I started working on my fitness and posture. …our posture and confidence levels influence how we are perceived as a person, but that we can also improve our confidence simply by working on our posture. …because your team’s perception of you can influence their performance. If they see you as a strong, capable and confident leader, they’ll surely perform much better than if they see you as a weak, not-so-confident leader.
  3. I began to prepare an “Activity List” in advance. My “activity list” includes three sections for each day:
  • goal for a particular day.
  • how the team will be broken down to achieve this goal.
  • who the supervisor (remember, delegating?) that will work with my team to ensure this goal is achieved will be.

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