martes, 25 de abril de 2017

9 Employee Engagement Ideas Your Team Will Love

 by @officevibe

1. Help With Personal Growth
Offer coaching
Offer courses
Encourage development

2. Implement Continuous Feedback
Give feedback
Collect feedback
Act on feedback

3. Make Work Fun
Have fun
Organize team building activities
Plan an event

4. Give Employees A Voice
Have monthly one-on-ones
Give frequent praise
Do frequent surveys

5. Promote Wellness
Give gym passes
Offer healthy food
Encourage mindfulness

6. Live Your Core Values
Hire for culture fit
Preach core values
Optimize onboarding

7. Respect Your Employees
Be flexible
Encourage work-life balance
Give employees autonomy

8. Encourage Experimentation
Set clear goals
Celebrate failure
Practice transparency

9. Build Relationships At Work
Involve everyone
Encourage collaboration
Tell people not to be shy

9 Employee Engagement Ideas Your Team Will Love

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