sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

We Stopped Using The Term HR (And This Is What Happened)

Via @officevibe We Stopped Using The Term HR (And This Is What Happened)

Why Does A People-Centric Culture Promise Harder Workers? 
Because people are happier. 
Whether it’s by offering them unlimited vacations, allowing them to work remotely, giving meaningful feedback or constant recognition, it is about showing them through concrete actions that they really matter. 
There need to be traits present that are the same traits that exist in our friendships, relationships, and marriages: Honesty, trust, and transparency. 
Keeping employees in the loop at all times about big company decisions, even sharing the numbers with them, is another way to keep them at the center of focus. 
Employees need autonomy and a sense of confidence. They should see themselves as entrepreneurs and see the organization as a playground where they have freedom and trust to build and create.

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