martes, 5 de julio de 2016

Why Measuring Employee Happiness Is A Huge Mistake

 Employee happiness and engagement are two different things. 
As an employee, you could be happy at work, but if you do not receive enough recognition, feedback, or have any opportunities for personal growth, you will never be engaged.
… Understanding that happiness does not always lead to having engaged employees will also help you put the right perks in place. 
When managers invest in their employees and help them get better at what they do, they’ll be much more likely to be engaged. 
Measuring an employee’s sense of autonomy, their level of mastery, and their connection to the purpose is how you can make sure employees are engaged. 
Another example is called Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory. …
What the theory says, is that being recognized and having that autonomy won’t offset being paid poorly or not enjoying your work environment.
Why Measuring Employee Happiness Is A Huge Mistake - Business 2 Community

Metrics of Engagement
  • Happiness

    How happy are employees at work and at home?
  • Wellness

    How much energy do employees have at work?
  • Feedback

    Are employees getting feedback frequently enough?
  • Recognition

    Are employees being recognized for their hard work?
  • Career Satisfaction

    Are employees satisfied with their work environment?
  • Relationships with Managers

    Do employees and their managers get along well?
  • Relationships with Colleagues

    Do the employees get along with each other?
  • Company Alignment

    Do employees’ values align with the company values?
  • Ambassadorship

    Are employees proud of where they work?
  • Personal Growth

    Do employees have opportunities for career growth?

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