martes, 21 de junio de 2016

Done is better than perfect

A study by the University of San Diego looked at if exceeding expectations was symmetrical with disappointment — meaning, if going above and beyond was perceived with the same intensity as failing. It wasn’t. The study showed that breaking promises is costly. And on the flip side, exceeding expectations might not be worth the effort.

Done is better than perfect — Medium

Keith Frankel, Creative Director at Hubspot, wrote an article in 2014 about how to tell when a deliverable is good enough. His guidelines were:
  • It successfully solves the problem, addresses the need, or conveys the message intended
  • It’s clearly and distinctly on brand
  • The quality of work is consistent with or above the level of previous work
  • It has been thoroughly yet objectively scrutinized by other qualified individuals
  • The final decision of preference had been left in the hands of the creator

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