sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Culture is Not an Endless Series of Perks

Via @OpenViewVenture This Company Thinks Everyone Should Love Going to Work Every Day. Here’s Their Plan to Make It Happen.

The few levers companies need to pull in order to build a strong culture fall into three main categories:
1. Appreciation & Recognition
2. Friendship
3. Meaning

Determining When to Reinforce Culture
Starting at around 200 employees, companies are at an inflection point in their life cycle where they’re growing quickly. It’s crucial at this point to get culture operationalized so during that period of fast growth, from 200 to 2,000 employees, these organizations can maintain a consistent culture that really helps reinforce the values and behaviors that kept people engaged and happy sub-200 employees.”

Culture is Not an Endless Series of Perks
It’s not ping-pong tables and free soda and free lunch and concierge this and free that. While those things are good, they’re not culture. Culture has more to do with the human interactions within the workplace…
Building a great culture and ultimately making your company a place where people are motivated, satisfied and happy every single day is hard work.

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