domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

Ayudando al equipo a manejar el stress, la ansiedad y a no "quemarse" (en)

 “upgrading mental and emotional capabilities”

Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

…certain types of development activities can effectively build the capacity for resilience. One approach is to focus on employees’ personal growth and development. 
…there are some very practical and easy-to-implement approaches to personal development that managers and team members can adopt — and they aren’t time-, budget-, or resource-intensive. 
Model and encourage well-being practices.
…while stress can be contagious, the converse is also true: when any member of a team experiences well-being, the effect seems to spread across the entire team… 
Allow time to disconnect outside of work.
…“always on” is a dangerous and unproductive mindset because it fails to take recovery time into account. Even the best athletes on the best teams require time to rest and recover. 
Train the brain to deal with chaos.
…train the brain and create useful mental habits that promote resilience and productivity at work (and in life)… 
Emphasize “monotasking” for better focus.
…Humans are not effective or efficient parallel processors (computers are)…
Be purposeful about “gap” time during the work day, or slow periods over the course of the working year. Be deliberate about helping people pause and recharge during down cycles… 
Exercise empathy and compassion.
…“the single greatest influence on profitability and productivity within an organization…is the ability of leaders to spend more time and effort developing and recognizing their people, welcoming feedback, including criticism, and fostering co-operation among staff.”…

According to recent research published by Gallup, the view that employees should leave their personal lives at home “might sound sensible, but it’s totally unrealistic.” 
The bottom line for managers is that personal development makes each person, and the entire team, better, enabling higher performance and engagement over time. Doing well at work and encouraging people to feel well isn’t just possible — it’s the foundation of a high-performance team.

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