domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Entrepreneur or Employee…

Being a startup entrepreneur is not for everybody and it’s not the only desirable career choice. I also know that many people have families and cost obligations that don’t allow the kinds of financial risks associated with starting a company. And for others the hours, stresses and sacrifices in personal relationships are not worth it.
Interesting tidbits from Marlk Suster's The Very First Startup Founder You Need to Invest in is You

“If you’re willing to go into debt for $100,000-150,000 to get an MBA and have 2 years of your life with no work experience why on Earth wouldn’t you just join the most ambitious early-stage startup you know and work for a paltry salary to get the experience? 
At the end of the period you’ll have zero debt, 2 year’s experience and have at least earned money.”
We had raised a $2 million seed round, which meant taking almost no salary so we could afford to hire staff. Back then there was no “cloud” so we had to plow money into hardware, software licenses and web hosting.
These days everybody wants to be an angel. Before you start writing your friends checks for their startups, get out your checkbook and bet on you.
Angel Yourself

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