miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

Platón, el propósito y los beneficios…

To explain “how great companies have great purposes,” the authors of CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM draw connections between Plato’s take on transcendental philosophy and modern-day brand strategy.
Plato. Purpose. Profits. - Brand Autopsy

brand ideal #1 : The Good

Plato believed the power of The Good happens when people are in service to others by expressing love, compassion, and empathy. Flipped to the view of business and branding, The Good is all about helping people live a better life.
The brand purpose of improving a person’s life through products and services is an everlasting ideal. …

brand ideal #2 : The Truth
The unrelenting pursuit of understanding and fighting for justice and truth is a noble way to for a person to live. It’s also a noble pursuit for a brand to follow to find long-lasting success.
Brands living for The Truth focus their efforts on correcting marketplace injustices. …

brand ideal #3 : The Beauty
Lives are enriched when people pursue greatness to change the world for the better. Beauty is the by-product of such a pursuit.
When brands follow The Beauty strategy path, they embark on a never-ending journey of continuous improvement to achieve excellence. …

By focusing supremely on its true purpose, businesses can connect more emotionally (and rationally) with consumers, leading to being a profitable and quite possibly… a transcendent brand.

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