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Cómo encontrar tiempo para lograr cualquier cosa

En el blog de @bfeld, autor invitado William Hertling… How to Find the Time to Accomplish Anything - Feld Thoughts
Once I was enrolled in the program, I grew to become friends with Libba and Gifford, frequently staying at their home. I noticed that Gifford worked all the time. Other than short breaks to play disc golf or to participate in drumming circles, I never noticed Gifford partaking in what I then considered relaxation activities: watching television or just sitting around doing nothing. I asked him about this. He told me that when he was doing what he loved to do, then it was enjoyable. The joy of accomplishing something worthwhile exceeded the joy he received from more mundane activities like passively consuming entertainment.
Accomplishing something is a combination of having a goal (e.g. finishing a novel), making effort toward that goal (e.g. sitting down to write for an hour each morning), and making the most effective use of the effort (a combination of efficiency and priorities).
  • The Only Person I Have to Cheat is Myself. Purpose: Fostering motivation and focus
  • Prioritizing the Three Most Important Actions. Purpose: Free up time and increase effectiveness
  • Stacking Functions: The Permaculture Principle. Purpose: Task efficiency
  • Avoid Time Sinks (aka Why All-Clad is better than a Nintendo DS). Purpose: Free up time
  • Outsource. Purpose: Free up time and maintain focus
  • Don’t Wait for the Perfect Idea. Purpose: Increase kung fu and avoid procrastination
  • Cultivate a peer group of similarly driven people. Purpose: Increase motivation, focus, and personal skills
  • Telecommute. Purpose: Free up time and increase focus
  • Minimum Viable Product. Purpose: Avoid procrastination and increase efficiency

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