viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Larry Page is the Steve Jobs of Google

 Larry Page: The Untold Story - Business Insider:
Everyone knows the Steve Jobs story — how he was fired from the company he founded — Apple — only to return from exile decades later to save the business. 
What’s less-well understood is that Apple’s board and investors were absolutely right to fire Jobs. Early in his career, he was petulant, mean, and destructive. Only by leaving Apple, humbling himself, and finding a second success (with Pixar) was he able to mature into the leader who would return to Apple and build it into the world’s most-valuable company.
Las cosas habrían sido de otra manera en vez de como fueron, sin duda, si se hubiera quedado.

Y por eso dije #ormaybenot cuando leí que Sculley había dicho se equivocó tirando a Jobs.

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