domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

¿Siguen siendo los graduados MBA interesantes para tu empresa?

¿O es mejor contratar empleados con más experiencia y menos exigencia salarial?

Then I read Managers Not MBAs by Henry Mintzberg. He says that business is about making things and selling them, two activities denigrated by those who teach at business school.

At a venture capital forum I remember hearing someone describe how to value a startup: Multiply the number of engineers by $1 million, and subtract $500,000 for every MBA.

Look for people with track records of administering businesses. They are all over the place and lots of them are unemployed. Many are over 40 and overlooked. One reason is that our youth-oriented start-up culture doesn’t even notice that they exist, and the other reason is that they themselves don’t know their competitive strengths.

she was not good at getting a job, she was good at solving the kinds of on-the-job problems that don’t particularly need wisdom, only experience: the logistical problems of getting this thing to that place on time, of getting a vendor to be both inexpensive and reliable, of keeping a place humming so the prima donnas can go sing their operas in front of the customers and investors.
(Note to HR: Your job is to find people who are good at doing the job, not people who are good at getting a job. …)

If you are young, then grow up before you grow old.
If you are old and competent, then don’t let jerks get you down.

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