sábado, 4 de enero de 2014

Leading by Asking

El poder de la duda y las preguntas adecuadas, combinado con la fuerza de la escucha activa, para ayudarnos a dirigir mejor.

Leadership Mantra: Leading by Asking ~ Future of CIO
An effective leader shall not only ask a deep “WHY” -to diagnose the root cause of problems, but also ask the positive “Why NOT?' -The refusal to be bound by constraints and limitations, and a pursuit of possibilities rather than impossibilities seems to be a hallmark of great leadership achievements.
A true leader has vision and insight to ask “What If & How”. A truly great leader would ask “What if we do things in the new Way” or 'How can I make things better for the whole?'. The one with insight sees what everyone would want to see, if only you had his/her eyes. A good leader asks the questions anyone would want to ask, if only you had his/her perspective. A great leader provides the vision to achieve the results that all would want to go, if you could define the challenges.
Effective leaders navigate their leadership through continuous asking: “Who, Who not, Where, Where not, What, What not, When, When not, Why, Why not, How, and How not” 

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