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10 maneras de mostrarte más profesional

10 ways to present yourself more professionally | TechRepublic
"… 1: Dress the part
… when you raise the bar of importance, you must match it with your personal appearance. And this doesn’t stop at your neck. Not only should you be wearing your best suit, you should make sure you are properly groomed.… And do NOT forget antiperspirant.
2: Warm up
Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to stretch your muscles to get them warm and used to moving.
3: Fuel yourself
… And fuel is not just about quieting an other-wise noisy digestive system. You also need plenty of fuel to get you through the process. If you don’t take in enough calories, your body will let you know — which will not go unnoticed.
4: Choose your props carefully
… If you need a drink (and you should have water with you), make sure your water glass (and pitcher, if you drink a lot) is clean, simple, and classy. Do not use a sippy cup or sports water bottle. If your presentation requires an easel or whiteboard, be sure that everything is solid, works as it should, and looks new or at least clean and sturdy.
If you depend upon handouts for your presentation, make sure they’re in collated, pre-stapled, and stacked neatly or distributed to each audience member’s chair.
5: Spell check
It amazes me when I am a participant in a lecture, interview, presentation, or meeting and I see spelling errors in handouts or resumes or on a whiteboard or overhead. …
6: Turn your phone on silent mode
Your audience doesn’t need to know how many people call or text you …
7: Watch your time
Remember that time is money. … Don’t shortchange it. … Show respect by arriving early so you can be prepared to go on time.
8: Be prepared
Do not depend upon your host for anything (outside of the projector). Bring any possible connector you will need … making sure you have enough literature for your audience. …
9: Know your audience
… If you’re giving a network presentation to a group of UNIX or Linux administrators, don’t speak in Windows terms. If you’re in front of a group of Windows administrators, don’t insult them by bragging about how strong your UNIX kung fu is.
10: Don’t be a comic
A little humor will go a long way to help connect to your audience. But don’t use the event as a vehicle for your standup routine. … Sure, break the ice with a funny anecdote or relax the situation when too much information is offered at once. …"

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