domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Making Sales Presentations |

Making Sales Presentations |
Before the Presentation
Know your customer's business. 
Write out your sales presentation.

Make sure you are talking to the right person. 
In the Customer's Office
Build rapport.
Ask questions.

Take notes.

Learn to listen.
Answer objections with "feel," "felt" and "found."
Probe deeper.

Find the "hot button."

Eliminate objections.

1.Offer a choice.

2.Get to the heart of the matter.

3.Work toward a solution.

Close the sale
There is no magic to closing the sale. If you have followed all the previous steps, all you should have to do is ask for the customer's order. However, some salespeople make the mistake of simply not asking for the final decision. It's as if they forget what their goal is.
For some, "closing" sounds too negative. If you're one of them, try changing your thinking to something more positive, such as "deciding." As you talk with the customer, build in the close by having fun with it. Say something like "So how many do you want? We have it in a rainbow of colors; do you want them all?" Make sure to ask them several times in a fun, nonthreatening way; you're leading them to make the decision."

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