domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Finance Workshop VGGP

(en) Algunas ideas y conceptos de los ex-profesores del MIT Entrepreneurship Center en el seminario de finciación del crecimiento del programa @valencianglobal


  • Don't forget the "opening gambit" (Show somthing new)
  • More info on what headache you solve
  • Money back x2, go public, boost!)
  • Working Capital to offer the product
  • Be careful with black background and white typo
  • Opening is everything (in 2 or 3 mins. it means … 20 secs?)
  • V.C. Vulture Capital

More ideas:

  • V.C. Vulture Capital : Entrepreneurs are Lionesses (hunters), Venture Capital are Lions (laidback)
  • Investment pith teaser (2 pages) sent to one particular person (not to a company) (C-level)
  • If you want to go global, look for companies in your target market
  • VCs look forward for reasons to say NO
  • VCs are lemmings and sheep "cross" (They want risk only if it's popular)
  • VCs have fear (to miss something cool) & greed (to do lots of money)
  • Pitching you must thin "I know them" (you do in someways)
  • Worst result = a quick no (without explanations)
  • Put emotion in your presentation, you want they join a "profitable journey with you"
  • ALWAYS have Copies of your presentation: .pdf, dropbox, ppt, keynote … and hard paper 
  • And send them (if needed) three days in advance
  • The best moment to present: 10:00 hrs
  • Quantify your value proposition very early
  • Be careful to be not prepared, to be off script or to choose the wrong inspector
  • Forget how you do it HERE if you want to go global
  • Align bullets, no periods (bullets), down left (x/y)
  • Key words: enable, help, assist
  • Master the presenter screen
  • Be macho, but not all the time
  • Be careful with investors who charge fees on their time
  • The less experience you have, the most experienced you hire
  • Share-Options-Public : Taxes-S.A.-More flexibility
  • Window opportunity, early adopters (chance to own market), clear $ model
  • Stages: Incubation, Proof of Concept, Co. Creation, Business Build Out, Growth, Market Domination
  • Finance is the relationship between time, money & uncertainty
  • Don't get a bank - banks are tools
  • Exit = Liquidity event with a change of control
  • Create competition between VCs
  • Plan, be prepared. Remember: luck is the outcome of careful preparation
  • Considering an exit, maintain a "ring of silence"
  • No VC will sign a NDA in USA

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