viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

7 Secrets of Startup Success

#1: Startups should think globally from Day #1.
Global Ambition means having a Global Sales Strategy.

#2: It's ALL about CUSTOMERS.
The CEO must be passionate about delivering value to customers.

#3: TEAMWORK is crucial. Lone Wolves build small companies.
Build a world class TEAM & have fun doing it.

#4: Quantify the Value Proposition, then price your product according to the value delivered to the customer.

#5: Technology may provide some of your competitive advantage, but the customer cares about value, not technology.

#6: Having your 55-second ELEVATOR PITCH is essential:
ask questions / don’t use the “T” or “S” words.

#7: Stalk to get the pitch; Pitch to get the Meeting; Meet to get the Evaluation; then get the first Paid Sale.

Ken P. Morse

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