miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

¿Qué diferencia a Tim Cook de Steve Jobs? (Segun Marc Andressen)

Parece que la preocupación de Tim Cook por mantener la mayor cuota de mercado posible. Frente a un Jobs que innovaba más, creaba mercados (categorías) y los iba dejando atrás cuando la cuota se iba reduciendo por la incorporación de competidores.

Andreessen explains how Steve Jobs, Tim Cook are different | Apple - CNET News

"… Since taking over the CEO role at Apple last year, Cook has seemingly followed a different strategy, Andreessen said, according to business news site Quartz, which hosted the event. The VC pointed to the new iPad Mini, which reportedly comes with smaller margins than its larger counterpart, as proof that Cook is willing to reduce margins in exchange for market share.
So, why is Cook changing Apple's strategy? According to Andreessen, it has everything to do with software.
"In the long run in these markets, if you're not the majority market share, you don't have the majority of the apps," he said, adding that the fewer applications available for OS X proved troublesome for that platform in its battles with Windows over the years. …"

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