domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Pixar's Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation — GigaOm

It seems counterintuitive, but for imagination-based companies to succeed in the long run, making money can’t be the focus.
Pixar's Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation — Tech News and Analysis

Lesson One: Herd Your Black Sheep
Lesson Two: Perfect is the Enemy of Innovation
Lesson Three: Look for Intensity

Lesson Four: Innovation Doesn’t happen in a Vacuum
Lesson Five: High Morale Makes Creativity Cheap

Lesson Six: Dont Try To “Protect your success”

Lesson Seven: Steve Jobs Says ‘Interaction = Innovation’

Lesson Eight: Encourage Inter-disciplinary Learning

Lesson Nine: Get Rid of Weak Links

Lesson Ten: Making $$ Can’t Be Your Focus

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