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Tracking your performance as an independent IT consultant | TechRepublic

Tracking your performance as an independent IT consultant | TechRepublic

"… Whether you use accounting software, a spreadsheet, or even a shoebox and legal pad doesn’t matter as much as that you keep accurate, detailed records. Then, at regular intervals (monthly and annually, perhaps), you should draw up a report of your results. Track those results over time to watch for hopeful or ominous trends.

Make sure you document all of your commitments to clients, as well as when you delivered and how well your clients received them. You should solicit feedback from clients constantly to make sure they see your performance the same way you do.

You may do everything your clients ask for, yet still be a net liability. If that’s the case, you’re a luxury that your client could forego when times get tight. On the other hand, if you make or save more money for your client than it costs to engage you, then it makes sense for your client to keep you even in the direst financial times.

Even though the most important thing to clients is your ability to solve their problems, you won’t be able to continue doing that if your expertise grows stale. On a regular basis, you should grade yourself on how well educated you are in emerging technologies that could benefit or impact your clients. …"

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