domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Three Ways to Think Deeply at Work - Harvard BR

(en) La neurociencia viene a reforzar que la "distracción", aunque sea momentánea, ayuda a la toma de decisiones… y otras maneras de pensar en profundidad útiles para los trabajadores del conocimiento…
Three Ways to Think Deeply at Work - David Rock - Harvard Business Review
"… That's because stepping away from a problem and then coming back to it gives you a fresh perspective. The surprising part is how fast this effect kicked in — the third group only had two minutes of distraction time for their non-conscious to kick in. This wasn't the "sleep on it" effect, or about quieting the mind. It was something much more accessible to all of us every day, in many small ways. …
Once we understand that these difficulties are simply limitations inherent in the way our brains are wired, it's easier to devise strategies to compensate for them. That's why Creswell suggests a short distractor task to help refocus your mind and Tuominen recommends a four-hour block of time to focus on a few priorities. I would add two more strategies to getting things done: scheduling the most attention-rich tasks when you have a fresh and alert mind or grouping ideas into chunks whenever you have too much information. …"

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