domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Sales Workshop VGGP

(en) Algunas ideas y conceptos de los ex-profesores del MIT Entrepreneurship Center en el seminario de ventas del programa @valencianglobal

  • Sales is a Science, not an art
  • Tune your radio station to: W.I.F.M. : What's In it For Me?)
  • Technology open doors, Benefit close sales (Value Proposition)
  • Technology is a platform to sustain a competitive advantage
  • Customer focus
  • Build trust, active listening and "mirroring" for feedback
  • Selling effort must be focused on the persons with pain and/or the persons with money
  • You can be their hero if you relief their pain
  • Look for the client's "business drivers"
  • Aspirin for your customer
  • Customer intimacy
  • "Jury" is all (know it, change it if wrong…)
  • Research about your target/Identify Decision Maker/Stalk to DM/Pitch/Get Evaluation
  • Four-eyes meeting (Desired Outcomes Of The Meeting)
  • You only get one chance to make a good first impression 
  • Luck is where Preparation Meets Opportunity
  • Hope is not an strategy
  • Total global domination of the chosen market niche
  • Challenger or defender? Challenger assets: flex/passion/attitudes/self-aware/honest/commitment
  • The Pig & Chicken … (A Commitment story)
  • Team, team, team
  • Hire "A" people
  • Ambitious without Ego


  • Engineers: Sales people are not a lower life form 
  • Don't have a heart … except for the rest of the company
  • Maniac workaholic (odio ésta)
  • N.F.W.  = No Way!  ;-)

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