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Apple Macs continue to invade the enterprise – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

En contra de mi teoría en AppleTalk

Apple Macs continue to invade the enterprise – MacDailyNews
Back in June 2005, our own SteveJack predicted, as usual, pretty much exactly what would happen:
These Intel-based Macs will help expand Mac market share, if average people can be made to understand that the machines can run both Windows and Mac operating systems natively… For most people, Macs will become the “2 for the price of 1″ computer. Even for the nearly illiterate personal computer buyers, with a little Apple-supplied education via marketing, it would make little sense to buy a limited Windows-only machine from the box assemblers like Dell, Gateway, etc. Give them their “Windows Insecurity Blanket” upfront and they’ll throw it away themselves after they realize how tattered and threadbare it is in comparison it to Apple’s Mac OS X… One more thing… don’t overlook the enterprise ramifications. It may just get a whole lot easier to justify Apple Macs at work. – SteveJack, MacDailyNews, June 10, 2005

El artículo original en All Things D

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