sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

¿Mitos? sobre ser productivo

En Zen Habits comentan algunos mitos sobre la productividad … está doblemente bien, nos permite pensar sobre como aumentar la productividad y nos recomienda que no nos agobiemos ;-)
olvídate de la productividad:
1. Get Organized. … getting organized is just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. It does nothing to stop the ship from sinking. Instead, simplify. If you have a desk with 5 things in it, you don’t need to organize. If you have a closet with only a handful of clothes, it doesn’t need a closet organizer. If your day has only one or two appointments, there’s no need for a detailed schedule organizer. …

2. Keep an Idea List. …Your best ideas are ones that you can’t put off until tomorrow. That’s how you know it’s a great idea. The ideas that go on the Idea List are not your best.

3. Set a Lot of Goals. … Now I do No Goals, and it’s best of all. … let go of all the time I used to spend on goal administration … You might not want to do No Goals, but try One Goal or three goals.

4. Track Everything. … Why do you need such fast results in the first place? And who says you need to track something to change it? I’ve found more meaningful, lasting results when I don’t track, but focus on enjoyment of the activity.… If you are so focused on the results, the activity becomes only a means to an end.

5. Be Productive When You’re Waiting. … Sitting in a waiting room, doing nothing but sitting in silence or watching other people, is a beautiful way to spend your time. Reading a novel on a train, or taking a nap, is also wonderful. … Life isn’t only about work, and productivity isn’t everything. …

6. Keep Detailed, Context To-Do Lists. … too much work … instead of organizing, I simplified. I now focus on one or two things to do each day, and if when I get them done, my day is golden. …

7. Work Hard in Bursts, with Frequent Breaks. … The exact numbers really depend on your flavor of productivity, but at their heart they miss the point: you shouldn’t be forcing yourself to work hard on something you dread doing … Life where you work hard in bursts, with some breaks, is dreadful. Life where you’re always doing something you love is art.

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