martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Ethos, Pathos y Logos en el proceso de venta

Vía Company Founder blog, Selling Tip #1:

…think about how you can establish your credibility, or ethos. Why should I listen to you? Who are you? Don’t go into a huge diatribe about how you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread – that will only alienate me further. Instead, give me a few points about your background that will be relevant to me (assuming I’m the prospect or the “persuadee”). As I said, don’t go over the top, or I’ll think you’re an ego-maniac and tune you out.
… think about how you may be able to touch me emotionally (pathos), or make some sort of emotional connection with me. Frankly, you may want to try to do this before you go into a bunch of information about your background. If you make an emotional connection first, I’ll be more interested and more likely to listen to your description of your background, making it easier for you to establish your credibility (ethos).

… notice that it’s only after ethos and pathos are in place that you move into providing the logic of why someone should buy from you
(logos) or take some other action that you want them to take. As I said at the outset, if you show up and don’t establish credibility and a connection with your prospect, but instead just move right into “sell mode,” you are likely to have less than impressive results.

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