miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2009

Carta a las entidades ayudadas por la administración

Redactada por moby es lo que muchos querríamos haber dicho, me parece:

'dear bailed out companies, let's be blunt, you screwed up. you got greedy or you got lazy or you got corrupt, and now you need taxpayer money in order to stay in business. ok, we'll give you the money. or, rather, we'll loan you the money. now get to work, and work hard and figure out what you did wrong and don't do it again and make money and pay us back. in the meantime we're going to help determine your corporate policies, because we're the ones who are paying your salaries.
1 - no bonuses
2 - salary caps
3 - if you're a bank you need to loan money (which we're giving you) to small businesses and homeowners
4 - if you're a car company you need to make decent cars that can actually compete with cars from korea and germany and japan and etc. and you need to make electric cars
5 - regulation is being instituted that will keep you honest
in closing: work hard and pay us back and then you won't have to listen to us anymore and you can go back to paying yourselves whatever you think you're worth. in the meantime: we are your bosses and you are our corporate bitches. i know you're all arrogant ex-frat boys, but maybe you'll even learn something in your receivership. well, here's hoping. sincerely, us.'

Cada uno de los cinco puntos es muchos más extenso y se explica en la entrada enlazada, que os recomiendo leer.

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