jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

18 lecciones

En Common Craft, a principio de enero, compartían las lecciones aprendidas en 2008... (Lecciones de "emprendeduría", de gestión, de management...).

Me pareció una entrada muy interesante, en inglés, cuyos principales puntos detallo a continuación:

Overall Business:
Build Foundations
Care About Contracts
Always Test Business Models
Constantly Build Brand
Know What Business You Are In
Start Now
Have a Positive Impact
Be Good to Those Doing Good
Small is Still Beautiful

Working with Others:
Assume Positive Intentions
People Want To Do The Right Thing
Every Contact is an Opportunity
Consider Community Instead of Competition

YouTube Creates Brand Awareness
Video Licensing Works
Own The Supply Chain
Listen to Twitter

"We learned that you can't underestimate the power differing points of view. Sachi and I have similar values, but look at the world, ourselves and Common Craft differently. We talk about the differences and the opportunities. I don't believe we could be successful if we thought alike and I encourage others in business to find people who think differently and talk with them. Debate, challenge, ask questions and remain open to new ideas."

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