domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

NO. The one word shouldn’t exist in an entrepreneur’s vocabulary

I want to know. And I have nothing to fear in the answer. 
The One Word That Shouldn’t Exist in an Entrepreneur’s Vocabulary

"… Hold interviews with tech people, marking people, ops people, finance people – whatever. They always finish the interview with a “thank you” and barely ask next steps.

Any great sales person will ask you at the end of the meeting, “So, how’d I do? Who else have you spoken with? How do I stack up? What do I need to convince you of to get an offer? What is the next step in the process?”

Great sales people are trained to “ask for the order.” If you interview a sales person and they don’t ask for the order, be worried.

I like to flip things on their heads. I like to ask in reverse in interviews, “If we did get aligned to offer you this role, do you plan on accepting? What other offers do you have? What do we need to do to win? What steps do you still need before you decide to go with us?” …"

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