sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Marketing y Minimalismo

En el blog de intrepid:
1.Is your message too complicated?
2.Is your website too cluttered?
3.When people visit your website, make it easy to learn what you do and easier to contact you to do it.
4.Is your strategy on the social web too complex?
5.Is your target audience too scatter shot?
6.Are you focused on simple storytelling?
7.Can your prospects look at your marketing collateral and easily understand the call to action?
8.Is your diet of new learning focused on the things you need to improve?
9.Do you have BOATLOADS of pointless busywork?
10.Do you experiment with all kinds of new tactical options on a whim?
11.Wait, do you even have a marketing plan?
12.Are you worried about too many details? Focus only on the customer

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