miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Cambiando el comportamiento (29 formas)

Muy largo y abrumador, un interesante recurso para cuando planees cambios. En Zen Habits.
1. Do just one habit at a time
2. Start small
3. Do a 30-day Challenge
4. Write it down
5. Make a plan
6. Know your motivations, and be sure they’re strong
7. Don’t start right away
8. Write down all your obstacles
9. Identify your triggers
10. For every single trigger, identify a positive habit you’re going to do instead
11. Plan a support system
12. Ask for help
13. Become aware of self-talk
14. Stay positive
15. Have strategies to defeat the urge
16. Prepare for the sabotagers
17. Talk to yourself
18. Have a mantra
19. Use visualization
20. Have rewards
21. Take it one urge at a time
22. Not One Puff Ever (in other words, no exceptions)
23. Get rest
24. Drink lots of water
25. Renew your commitment often
26. Set up public accountability
27. Engineer it so it’s hard to fail
28. Avoid some situations where you normally do your old habit, at least for a while, to make it a bit easier on yourself
29. If you fail, figure out what went wrong, plan for it, and try again

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